Land is the most basic of all economic resources, fundamental to the form that economic development takes. Its use in an urban context is crucial in shaping how effectively cities function and who gets the principal benefits from urban economic growth. Its ownership is a major determinant of the degree of economic inequality: surges of land prices, such as have occurred in Indian cities during the last decade, cause major redistributions of wealth. In both an urban and rural context the use of land – and nature more generally – is central to the possibility of ecological sustainability. Contemporary social concerns about problems of housing affordability and environmental quality necessarily focus our attention on ‘the land question.’
The Economic Times LAND=Use Summit, being held under the patronage of AUM-LAI, the Indian chapter of Lambda-Alpha-International, will present a unique opportunity for all LAI members, their guests, business leaders  and media partners,  to understand and learn more about Maharashtra and India, its cities, its urban areas, and village development efforts, and the investment opportunities available in Maharashtra, and India.
Conference Highlights-The initiative of the AUM-LAI Chapter

  • Hear about the Union and State Government’s land policies from senior government representatives
  • Meet international Land experts and senior LAI members to discuss challenges and solutions for your projects
  • Visit smart projects in and around Mumbai to get a firsthand experience of the current Indian scenario
  • Attend exclusive candid networking cocktails, dinners and outings to know your prospects better
  • Pre-schedule meetings with stakeholders of your choice to maximize the return on your investment
  • Meet more than 300 international delegates and 20 international Speakers to get a 360 degree view on the latest in land use and economics


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